Good evening my name is Leigh sales.

Leigh Sales

Leigh Sales

Leigh Sales is an award-winning journalist and author, who hosts TV current affairs program 7.30. From 2006 to 2008, she was the network’s National Security Correspondent and from 2001 to 2005, Washington Correspondent, covering the momentous years after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Leigh won a Walkley award in 2005 for her coverage of issues surrounding Guantanamo Bay and was also nominated for her on-the-ground reporting of Hurricane Katrina.img_3351


Were here today, in the beautiful Northern Rivers NSW at a sleepy little fishing village, to sit down with a man that is putting Holistic nutrition on the map. His passion for delicious healthy holistic food & deep insight into the connection between Brain, Gut & micro bloom, combined with his strong back ground in Integral Neuro Lingustic Programming has put Evan Head on the map!img_0441

So Sean, I know the Destination. What, I like to know is the journey, how did you get to this place?  It’s truly an amazing, ideal life. With beautiful beaches and surrounded  by National park, a beautiful talented & gifted wife, Bronwyn, artist in residence. Working only three days a week & traveling 3 months of every year to any were your heart desires, first class. Some people would be jealous.

So my first question I would like to put to you is, how have you become such a celebrity over night?

Well, Leigh it’s all come about from my own personal journey to find true health, balance and passion in my life. I always loved cooking, even at an early age, I cooked up a storm usually leaving the dishes for mum.img_0746

Thats great Sean, how was she being the hired help?

It didn’t go down so well considering I was making cakes and selling them from my cake cart I had made out of an old aluminium desk and a couple old bikes, I was only 8 at the time. Did I mention Mum supplied all the ingredients, I took all the money.

Sounds like your were a pretty savvy 8 year old kid.

Thanks Leigh!!

Ok Sean, but how did you get into the nutritional side of food and make the connection between the Brain & gut?

Well, Leigh I have always had food intolerances, even before I was diagnosed in my early twenty’s, you know, Lactose, Wheat & Gluten intolerant to name a few. But it was not for another twenty three years that I discovered the reason for my health issues.

I learned the anxiety, depression, mood swings, difficulty learning were all caused by a genetic fault carried on my dads side of the family.Its called Pyrol Kryptol.

What exactly is Pyrol Kryptol, Sean?

Basically Leigh your body can’t absorb Zinc Magnesium & B6, this leads to other conditions if left untreated like SIBO, IBS, leaky Gut & Celiac disease.

This trifecta of deficiencies can cause a debilitating combination of symptoms that will vary from person to person.  Most naturopaths will tell their patients that a good B complex is necessary to promote positive mood, and that magnesium is a wonderful mineral to promote a sense of calm.  B6 in particular is necessary for the creation of red blood cells.  It increases energy levels and proper cognitive function.  A deficiency of B6 will often cause inflammation, depression, and sometimes anaemia.  Magnesium is often used as a muscle relaxant for athletes, and a deficiency can be the cause of painful neck aches, sleeplessness, constipation issues, and even nervous twitching.  Zinc, on the other hand, is vital for concentration, memory, and good digestion, and when lacking, can lead to anorexia, leaky gut syndrome and digestive disease.

One person in treatment for pyroluria recently described in an interview his symptoms during a flare-up. He said he often had issues with concentration and a decreased energy level when dealing with stressful situations at work or at home.  He often developed insomnia and had very restless sleep patterns.  The lack of sleep exacerbated his condition, making it harder to concentrate and focus on what needed to be done.  “Procrastination is a coping mechanism sometimes,” he joked.  “Of course it only makes things worse.  Before diagnosis, I found it harder to deal with everyday problems without feeling anger and resentment toward the people that were dependent on me to do things.  After treatment I’ve noticed a mighty overall change in my mood.  Now when my stress levels rise and I start to feel that tension build, I know it’s time for a temporary increase in my dose.”

It doesn’t seem to be affecting you now.

No, Leigh after a lot of testing, vitamins a healthy paleo/FODMA diet for the last 5 years, my life has never been better.

I like to know Sean , why are you so good at diagnosing and treating  your patients?

I think because of my trails and past suffering, a gift has been bestowed me. Shinning a light on to my true vocation, which is to help people like my self. Who through no fault of their own are an able to reach their full potential. I facilitating positive outcomes in their lives through healthy holistic food, good nutrition, Nuero linguistic programming treatments, testing and supplements tailor made for each individual.

I noticed the bags in the lounge room.

Owe, YEAH! I was meant to put those away this morning before you arrived. Bronwyn and I only recently returned from an amazing five  week holiday, three weeks in Europe visiting relatives in the Greek Islands, London and sight seeing in Paris, Austria and country villages in between. Wow the 15 days after in Egypt was life changing, first we checking to the Majestic Mena House hotel, the views of the Giza Pyramids are unrivalled. The next day we journeyed to Sakkara located on the souther side of Giza were we enter King Zoser’s Step Pyramid, the most amazing and vivid Symbolic relief’s & later that day meeting the world famous Egyptoligist Dr Zhani Hawass at his lecture. The third day blew my mind, I mean wow! We went in side the kings chamber in the great pyramid and spent an incredible hour in meditation and singing, & then up close and personal with the Sphinx, I mean you get to walk right up and actually touch it, amazing! So you get the gist of it the next 12 days were the same, we got to go and see thing the general public just don’t have access to.

How is that possible Sean?

Well, Leigh it’s not you what you know , it’s who you know!

You guy’s never Had children?

No Leigh But we are truly blessed to have Tj our Spoodle  and JO JO our little Manx cat,there our children, they can make just as much mess as real kids, trust me.img_0154

I here your leaving in a few months to surf in the Mentawai Islands.

Yes, you herd correct, its something I do every year to recharge & reinvigorate, two weeks every year, this year surfing perfect uncrowded waves with a few good mates, I really looking forward to it.

You have such an amazing apartment, did you do the decorating?

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No, Leigh we did the whole renovation, it’s a collaboration of my talented amazing wife brony & myself for the last 8 years

Sean I love the mix of modern, art deco & industrial touches and the art work must be worth a fortune & OMG are the hand made tiles.

Yes, Leigh my creative savvy wife the beautiful Brony is responsible for a lot of those amazing art pieces you see, & those incredible tiles in the kitchen, on the  fire place and in our unique bathroom.

Wow Ive never seen I bathroom like it, who designed that.

That was me Leigh.

Well, Sean looks like all the hard work has payed it forward, your are a truly talented and unique individual.

Thanks Leigh I am truly blessed, I love my life!!!