Conscious continuous concentration is the flow of unbroken thought and is the result of patient, persistent & a well regulated system.

Concentration is to become the dominion over all things, we must become that which we want. This leads to intuitive perception & immediate insight into the nature of the object that is concentrated upon. It is only through unbounded self confidence that the goal is reached. Desire plus concentration will wrench any secret from nature. Weakness being the only barrier to mental attainment. One must attribute weakness to physical limitations or mental uncertainties & try again, EASE & PERFECTION are gained through repetition. The old concrete of my past blue print, has thrown me challenging situation hourly, daily, weekly. My response has been from my peptides, that have cashed in on the pay out of the negative reaction, that feeds there hunger. I am a dynamo, I have a the choice is to feed the fire of positive, even when the exterior situations are negative. Vibration is action in thought and reaches out & attracts the material necessary to construct & build, the food obsorbed is the essence of the body, so to the mind absorbs the objects of its attention & gives it life. Intuition is found in the silence, it solves the problems that are beyond the grasp of reasoning power. Tapping into the a higher power, but to achieve the connection I must train my thoughts along lines which will enable me to develop that invincible power which is necessary to achieve. EVERY OBSTACLE CONCOURED, EVERY VICTORY GAINED will give you more faith in your power, and have a greater ability to win. These words have really spoken to me today as I go back to write my blog as part of my persitant action to preserver and commit to changing my life breaking old beliefs & pattern that in the past I thought served me but in reality have held me back from reaching my true potential in life.


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