Another amazing challenging week, lesson 10 this has long been my idea. That the investment in ones mental and spiritual growth will bring grand rewards to those who can focus and concentrate the mind, as well as weed the garden of opinions & criticism & destructive negative thoughts.

We need to plant positive thought’s, encourage ourselves and others. To gift our time and lend a helping hand. For My whole life I have lived a life to try and be something for other people, this has not served me.

On Wednesday I became so overwhelmed, with trying to get everything together for the start of my new contract. This were not flowing and I let thing roll over me, this was so intense that I ended up weeping on the kitchen floor. Anyway I picked myself up dusted of the self pity, walked I the door and got the job done.

No, it wasn’t easy, or fun, I didn’t make a lot of money, but I did start, I learned the new system, I learned the new logging meter & this week I will be better Quicker, more organised, more efficient. It will be much easier because I took that first step.

It’s funny because then I got to read scroll ten, it was like it had been written especially for me, serendipity! I will never Ever stop been the best I can be, because I know I can be so much more!!img_0989


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