Wow, it’s amazing how much old stuff is coming up this week. I can’t believe how fare my Subby is willing to push me to get me too back down & play the safe card and go back to life a were I just survived & got by.

There is no backing down, I can see the light, my truth is within grasp. A life I am thriving in with passion & enthusiasm. A life I can look myself in the eyes and say I love my self & my chosen path, a life, I love to help people help themselves to achieve their best.

No It has’t been an easy path, but then if it was, we all would have trampled down it long ago. Every adversity is a gift in our life we may not see it at the time, but latter it normally reveals it’s self as true blessing. So WEEK 8 all about how we look at things.

I count myself as a truely luck person, with out my past challenges, I would not be the man I am today. I can appreciate so much more in my life, having had the bumps in the road, as it where. They have not only create contrast & strengths in myself to be the best I can be😊 they have tought me lessons in humbleness, humility, kindness & ❤️Love.

I am alway’s learning through event’s & people about myself, looking within oneself is difficult & I am looking forward to my day of truth we’re negativity is something that I have, but let go as quickly as it came. I have hit the reset button a lot this week but ever time I learn, and those small incremental step towards my goal of not giving negative thoughts the attention they desire becoming a reality.

I Know that I have a deep connection the the universal energy, because once upon a time in my life when I was rock bottom, I took charge of my life and nurtured and listen to my heart to heal myself. While on this journey I read a lot of self help and spiritual books, I was drawn to, one inperticular, it touch me so deeply, that I asked the universe to bring these kind of wonderful amazing people in to my life. The funny thing is the universe actually brought all these people from the book into my life, I actually married Bronwyn, from the book she is a wonderful part of my life. So believe this is not first time and won’t be the last & from this day forth it will only barrel roll for us all, if we follow the steps, to build and train our conscious mind with strength of character.


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