MKMMA Week 7

Well, this has to be the most massive life changing last couple of months in my life, and guess what I am still here. Yes, I might be struggling to keep up, while I am working 6 to seven days , but I am determined in my resolve to see this through to the end.

So I had today off and made the most of it caught up on 6 of my wonderful companions blogs and left comments. Tick,  caught up on my obligations week 6 with the coloured shapes and DMP movie board. Sitting down tonight to right my blog for week seven.

Came home this morning and found the membership form with a discount waiting in my mail box, funny they haven’t sent out anything for two years, but wait there are extras free listing in their directory a chance to win Ipad. This is just another affirmation, that pushing ahead with my GO QUIT in60 Business is my true vocation to my ultimate goal of having my Bachelor in Nutritional & dietetic medicine and creating my  living INFINITE life coaching program.

Back on track the universe is providing me with other work at the moment as well.

This is exiting and frightening at the same time, but I need to take that leap of faith and believe in my self and the connection to the source.

The non judgment no opinion well lets just say we have to restart that again tonight. Opps!


8 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 7

  1. Yeah the old blueprint can for sure make you busy and get it to look like it is not important enough to take time to do these things.. so I’m really glad that you overruled it and got back on track..
    Looking forward to be following your journey.. that has only just begun.
    Charlotte R


  2. Are you saying that working 6-7 days makes it tough to keep up? Psh!!! Haha! Keep at it buddy! You can do it. That is great you’re pursuing your Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine too while doing this.


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