My guardian ANGEL😇

Hi is anyone else out there find the universe conspiring to really test your rizalence.

I have had an enormous amount of change in my life in October,  I went a way the second week of MKMMA and did my master in Nero linguistic programming, I had a subcontract change to another company, a new subcontract, a massive health shake up & I also decided I would shed my old skin and set sail on a journey of discovery to find my true self, or should I say Pelf. By this I mean  the I, on this journey I have peered into my soul, over the last six weeks I have been the incredibly honest with myself really getting to my truth, something I have been struggling with for 47 years. Who Am I, what do I want, & yes, you can have what you want, you deserve to be happy😁.

The thing was I was denying myself all these thing that I really wanted in my life, passion, purpose, creativity, joy, happiness, wealth, love❤️️. Because I had been looking for all these things externally, from outside instead of looking within and not focusing my attention were I really need to, on my internal, on my consous & unconsous mind.

I had the awareness, there were moments and times, but I had stumbled across these & they came and gone. Know I have a vision a path, I have drawn the plains to build my life,  I see it, so clearly, I can touch it, I can hear it. I am living in future in the now every day. Thing are taking shape🌲🔴🔶📪. CAN YOU SEE IT👀

So it’s my birthday and I have decided to “give “and drive 700 km to help my little sister with the electrical work, on here new house.So all week I have been so busy getting everything done at work home and my commitments to the MKMMA scholarship,that at 10:30pm on a Friday night Australian eastern standard time & I am doing my Blog, because things are already magically happening in my life. The other day I was repairing a fellers satellite, he has pycholigist practice were we live in EVANS Head, three consulting rooms and a friend of my wife is renting one, she does play therapy, anyway she said that there is a spare consulting room and they are looking for someone to rent it, fate or what! I am flaming the fires of a successful business that I starved of oxygen, because at the time I took it up and things were going good, I was passionate, I helped people, I loved it, I was earning more money working three days than I could make in a week, & then there was a little rough patch & I ran back to a job, that was safe, boring, something I new. I had all the excuses, we needed the money, it was to risky, I was responsible for all the bills, if it all went tong we would lose everything, WRONG, what I have learned was I was scared, I haden’t learned to focus my conscious on the things I really wanted, so my stubby could manifest the goals and rewards I was working towards . Instead I came from fear.

So in my DMP, one Goal is to have my Go Quitin 60 buisiness up and generating over $3000 per week, working 3 days per week on or before 30th February 2018. I am following through and will trust the subby to provide 3 clients per week or more & book the space for one day every week starting on or before December 30 2016.







6 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 6

  1. You are not alone my friend. I have run back to a job twice in my life having done well for myself but then ‘subby’ reeling me back in and reminding me of all the things that can go wrong. Be strong, stick to your plan and you will win the battle and create a new blueprint and an amazing lifestyle.


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