MKMMA 4 week

Another amazing week of growth !!!!

Real amazed I am getting through everything and making time were once there was none.               Loving the giving to receive idea, give to everybody you meet.                                                           A compliment, a helping hand, a gift small or big.

So looking forward to up & coming webinar.

Even with the resistance from my Suby the service jobs are getting done on time or before, training new wonderful habits and rewarding your self for each little victory real does start to entrench them.

So blessed and lucky, my lovely wife Bronwyn did the MKMMA course last year, so I have great support at home, I am taking charge of my destiny through this wonderful simple step by step program, already seeing great change’s and there is still 22 weeks to go.                   Not only do I have my wife, a guide and the whole MKMMA team as my support I also have ordinary people who are in transition to become extraordinary people, as support also.                            With this kind of backing and support we are all on our way, to were we want to go!!!!!!


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