MKMMA Week 3

Hi is anyone out there.

Finding the time management challenging.

If anyone would like to share a few tips, any positive thoughts would be great right know.

Working hard to get my DMP right fourth draft, I need a bit of chunking down to get to simple truth of my purpose, with out all the fluff, you  know the key statements & feelings, the deep simple powerful message that my subconscious will eagerly absorb.

The reading has been great, just find squeezing in  the midday reading easy if I have a break, but way more challenging when you have a lot of work to do, and not at home. So I shall focus on this a lot more  on this Aspect.

Really enjoying the 15 minutes of meditation usually in the morning, but some times before bed. I finding the cards great, & getting things done one small job at a time, Love it. Simple new reinforced positive habits are being set in motion. WOOHOO!!!

I have completed My masters in iLNP (Neurolinguistic Programming)!!!!! Amazing and reinforcing everything we are learning in this powerful scholarship, thanks to everyone at MKMMA you ROCK!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to catching up on the digital connection videos as I am at work on the Tuesday when they come In Australia

Just sort of stumbling my way through this at the moment, I have never used twitter or written a Blog before, so opening up the world of creation on the digital highway.

I am really exited about this journey, that we are all making, to challenge, change, let go & create permanent positive lives of joy, abundance, Luv, Happiness, opportunities & prosperity.


This was taken in Kauai in August this year I was ask by my amazing beautiful wife Bronwyn if I would like to go to Hawaii for the MKMMA seminar with her, Best discussion have ever made, I had an amazing time, met wonderful people and it was truly transformational.

Thanks Again Mark & Devine.img_5646


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