Week two MKMMA 

Hi everyone, week 2 almost done.

I am away for 10 days at a seminar doing my Masters in Neurolinguistics. But I have found that with persistence comes fortitude and things are flowing.

Last night sat up to 11:30 doing my second draft on my DMP and sent it in.                       After re reading it today and tonight I have pretty much rewrote it again. So much more insight and clarity is seeping onto the page, I am really amazing myself. I am Feeling absolutely fantastic about the positive steps I have made to change my dreams into reality.

A am really exited about learning these new habits. It’s Incredible just how easy it really is without to much effort, my wife asked me to do the course 12 months ago and I just didn’t think I had the time.

Well now the TV is off, and guess!! What.

 I easily have the time to run my three businesses and do this Scholarship, I am building new skills to create and manage time while endowing great knowledge and also the gift of putting into my daily life😍😍😍horray!!!!

I have put in place steps to full filling my DMP and found these through the insight created by focusing on what I get exited about and have passion for in defining and distilling it into 400 word or less.
I have notice changes in the way I feel and in the way I communicate in subtle ways that have huge outcomes, wow it’s only the second week.
Can’t wait for the next 24 weeks of growth and self discovery.


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