Week one MKMA

This week has challenged me to accomplish the task set.

At times I have found it difficult to jungle with my business, but have enjoyed the ups and downs ins and outs of the journey to self awareness.

I find the Webinar challenging because in Australia it is 6am in morning & I have to leave straight away to go to work. You just don’t get a chance to really absorb it in the moment.

Maybe it was just the first one and I am a bit out of my league at the moment, I haven’t had a chance to rewatch it yet.

Looking forward to the next webinar, as this is the last of the task set for myself to complete, to continue the scholarship so generously passed on by previous MKMA participants.

I have really enjoyed the reading.

The worlds greatest salesman.

The webinar was great I enjoyed the journey, but thank goodness for the notes to refer back to, these have really help me get through everything I need to get done this week.

I know as I continue down the path less trodden, things will become easier.

With repetition and percaverence I shall create new furrows to plant the seeds of good habits to change my internal mindfulness thus with this new skill I shall influence my external outcomes and create all my hearts desire.

Because I always keep my promises


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